What is Orium?

Decentralized Platform

Welcome to the Orium Network Platform!

Orium Network is a decentralized platform that offers a broad range of services for NFT Lending. Orium's missing is to create a community of Guilds and Players that actively borrow, lend and play with Play-to-earn assets.

With Orium, Guilds & NFT Owners can safely lend their assets to other users via a non-custodial service built with smart contracts and in partnership with different game development studios.

Why do we need a decentralized platform?

An important aspect of NFT Lending is that lenders should never give away custody. With a decentralized platform, borrowers and lenders are protected by the security and transparency of the blockchain.

Who is the platform for?

Initially, the platform will offer services for NFT Owners, but these services will soon be followed by features that will facilitate Players' onboarding and identity management.

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