A walk-through for setting up Aavegotchi Lending Scheduler.

To begin, go to the My Wallet tab. You will be able to see all the idle Aavegotchis in your wallet.

Good to know: If you have Aavegotchis that were listed or borrowed outside Orium's Scheduler, they won't be visible in this UI.

Step 1: Select Aavegotchi(s)

Select the Aavegotchi(s) you wish to Schedule and hit Next.

Step 2: Configure Listing Details

The following page is where you can configure all the lending parameters. Orium will continually list your Aavegotchis under these conditions until you Unschedule it.

First, you will inform the profit share, which refers to all alchemica tokens. Here you can set the percentage that goes to the lender and to the borrower. Note that there is a 5% fee that goes to Orium. This might seem high but keep in mind that Orium will also pay for the gas fees of claiming and listing your assets. The net amount can sometimes be negative (if gas fees are high enough).

i. Move the slider left or right to adjust the profit share.

ii. Next, set the duration of the rental.

iii. Finally, add the amount of upfront GHST cost and or whitelist. These are optional parameters and can be zero or left empty.

Important: Orium does not charge any fees in GHST, 100% of the GHST earned through rentals are directly transferred to the lender (Aavegotchi owner).

iv. Click NEXT to proceed.

Step 3: Approve Contract

On this step, you will be asked to give Orium's contract Lending Operator permissions. This allow the contract to create rentals on your behalf, but it does not take custody of your asset.

Simply click in the Approve Contract button, and submit the transaction via Metamask.

Step 4: Enable Scheduler

Finally, you will be asked to submit the transaction that Schedules your rentals with Orium.

Click in the Schedule button, and submit the transaction via Metamask.

After confirming the transactions, your scheduled Aavegotchis will show up in the Scheduled tab, as the following:

As soon as the NFT is scheduled, Orium will submit a transaction to list your Aavegotchi under the specified conditions, depending on network traffic, it might take a couple minutes for the state transition from Pending to Listed.


You are now all set. Your Aavegotchis are going to be continuously listed and claimed. If your NFT is listed, you will be able to find them in the Aavegotchi Lending Marketplace.

And if you would lik to remove your NFTs from the service, head over to:


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