Answers to general Questions about the Lending Scheduler

Q. Is there any risk of losing my assets?

A. No. Our contract is open-source and non-custodial, it never takes custody of your assets.

Q. Can I unschedule my Aavegotchi at any time?

A. Yes. Feel free to unschedule any Aavegotchi at any time. Just keep in mind that if assets are currently in use, the rental must be claimed manually.

Q. Why can't I set the profit share to 100%

A. To use the Lending Scheduler, Orium charges a 5% fee. The max profit share that can be set is 95%.

Q. Are there any fees is GHST?

A. No, 100% of the GHST earned will go to the lender (Aavegotchi Owner).

Q. Is there any maintenance required?

A. Nope! Once all parameters are set, the Lending Scheduler does all the rest.

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