Voting (Snapshot)

Orium NFT Safe integration with Snapshot.

Decentralization is a big part of NFTs. For this reason, some projects decided to launch DAOs where users can vote on Proposals based on the number of tokens or NFTs they hold. And since NFT Owners are required to deposit their assets in the Orium Safe, this poses a challenge for Orium Scholarships.

To solve this problem, Orium is introducing a new feature called Voting! Voting enables the Safe Owner to send a transaction to vote on Proposals without withdrawing their assets. Under the hood, this is an integration between Orium Safe and Snapshot. Snapshot allows smart contracts to vote using ERC-1271, and the Orium Safe implements a function (only callable by its Owner) that submits the vote using this standard.

How to Vote

To get started, go to Scholarships -> Safe, click on the Manage button of the Safe, and navigate to the Voting tab.

The Voting tab will list all the Proposals your Safe can vote and their respective Voting Power. You can click on the Link button to read the Proposal and then click on the Vote button to initiate the Voting process.

Next, a new modal will appear, asking for you to cast your vote. Select your vote appropriately and click on the Next button.

Currently, Orium only supports Weighted Proposals. You will still see other proposals, but you will not be able to vote because the website is not prepared to parse that type of Proposal. We made this decision because the Aavegotchi DAO only accepts Weighted proposals and because there are dozens of proposal types to support.

On the next page, click on the Sign button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Once the transaction is confirmed, click on the Vote button to relay your Vote to Snapshot. The information is relayed to Snapshot via API Call, and there won't be a transaction on this step.

After successfully submitting a Vote, users can submit a second vote to replace the first one.

If successful, a checkmark will show up right next to the Proposal.

Verifying your Vote

To verify your vote, click on the link of the Proposal, navigate to the bottom of the page, and click on the See More button in the Votes section. A new modal will appear with a search bar. Input the address of your Safe to confirm that your vote was included.

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