Deposit NFTs

Step-by-step guide on how to deposit NFTs in your Orium Safe.

To deposit NFTs in your Safe, go to Scholarships -> Safe and click on the Manage button of the Safe where you wish to deposit your assets. For Aavegotchi, you can just click on the following link.

On the Management page of your Safe, you will be presented with four different tabs to help you manage your assets.

In the tab My NFTs, the UI will show all the NFTs in your wallet that can be deposited in the Safe. To get started, click on the 3 dots of one of the NFTs, and select all the NFTs you want to deposit.

Listed and Borrowed NFTs will show up here but cannot be deposited. We are working on the backend to avoid listing these types of NFTs in the future.

Once the NFTs are selected, click the Deposit button, send the necessary approvals, and submit the deposit transaction.

Metamask and other wallets might issue a warning saying that you are giving full permission to this contract to transfer your NFTs. This is required as part of the deposit process, but remember that you are the contract owner, and only you can call the deposit and withdraw functions. All Orium contracts are open-source and fully auditable by the community.

And that's it! Now your NFTs will show up in the Safe NFTs tab, where you can proceed to delegate them.

Delegate NFTs

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