Undelegate NFTs

Step-by-step guide on how to Undelegate your NFTs.

If you have assets delegated to Guilds, they can be undelegated (or "unassigned") if their status is DELEGATED, LISTED or CLAIMABLE. For BORROWED NFTs, you might need to pause them first.

Undelegate is useful when NFT Owners want to unassign their NFT from a Scholarship Program without withdrawing it from the Safe. To undelegate NFTs, follow these steps:

Go to Scholarships -> Safe and click on the Manage button of the Safe where your NFTs are. For Aavegotchi, you can just click on the following link.

Click on the three dots of one NFT you would like to Undelegate and click on the Undelegate action.

Next, select all the NFTs you would like to undelegate and click on the Undelegate button:

Finally, confirm the transaction on your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, the NFTs should transition to the IDLE status.

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