Choose an Implementation

This page will help you decide if you can use the default ERC-7432 implementation or need a custom one.

The Orium Marketplace leverages the ERC-7432 standard to rent ERC-721 NFTs. Orium maintains an open-source repository with a recommended implementation of this standard, which includes the following features:

  • Non-Custodial Rentals: Users can rent their NFTs without transferring them to a contract or another wallet.

  • Automatic Expiration: Rentals expire automatically at the date provided by the NFT Owner (no additional transactions required).

  • Custom Data: NFT Creators can request users to provide custom data when renting NFTs. This is useful for projects that require users to specify profit share or any additional information when creating the rental. Read more at Roles Definition

  • Granular Utility Control: NFTs can have multiple utilities, and ERC-7432 allows NFT Creators to specify utilities as "Roles". In other words, users can rent different roles of the same NFT simultaneously to different users.

If this implementation is enough for you, we can proceed with it. Otherwise, we recommend contacting our team to create a custom one for your use case.

Supported Blockchains and Contract Addresses

The team is actively working on deploying the default implementation as an immutable contract on multiple blockchains. Here is a list of the supported blockchains so far:



We are still working on deploying the final version to Mainnet. Get in touch via Contact to learn more.

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