A walk-through for unscheduling Aavegotchi(s) from Lending Scheduler.

To begin, go to the Scheduled tab.

Step 1: Select Aavegotchi(s)

Select Aavegotchi(s) you wish to unschedule and click Unschedule.

Step 2: Unschedule from Lending Scheduler

Click on the Unschedule button and confirm the transaction in Metamask. After completing this transaction, Orium is already no longer managing your asset.

Good to know: If your Aavegotchi is borrowed, you will need to manually claim it once the rent expires. Orium cannot do that if the NFT is unscheduled before the end of the rental.

Step 4: Revoke Permissions

Finally, you will be able to revoke the Lending Operator permissions given to the Orium contract. Simply click in Revoke and confirm the transaction to finish.


You just unscheduled your lending. If your Aavegotchi was not borrowed, you should be able to immediately see it back in the My Wallet tab. However, if it was borrowed, you will need first to claim the rental before seeing it back in your wallet.

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