Withdraw NFTs

Step-by-step guide on how to withdraw NFTs in your Orium Safe.

To withdraw NFTs from your Safe, go to Scholarships -> Safe and click on the Manage button of the Safe. For Aavegotchi, you can click on the following link.

On the Management page of your Safe, you will be presented with four different tabs to help you manage your assets.

In the tab My NFTs, the UI will only show the NFTs in your wallet. Therefore, switch to the Safe or Borrowed NFTs tabs, and pick the NFTs you want to withdraw. Only BORROWED NFTs can't be immediately withdrawn. For more information, read:

pagePause NFTs

Click on the three dots of an NFT, click on the Withdraw action, and select all the NFTs you will withdraw.

Finally, click on the Withdraw button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

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