Unpause NFTs

Step-by-step guide on how to Unpause your NFTs.

NFT Owners may pause their borrowed NFTs to prevent Guilds from continuing to rent them out. However, NFT Owners might also decide to unpause their assets and allow Guilds to start renting them out again. To do that, Orium implemented the Unpause action.

To unpause an NFT, go to Scholarships -> Safe and click on the Manage button of the Safe where your NFTs are. For Aavegotchi, you can just click on the following link.

On the Management page of your Safe, you will be presented with four different tabs to help you manage your assets.

Click on the three dots of a paused NFT and click on the Unpause action.

Next, select all the NFTs you would like to unpause and click on the Unpause button:

Finally, confirm the transaction on your wallet. Once the transaction is confirmed, the NFTs should transition to the state they were in before being paused.

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