Aavegotchi Lending Scheduler

Orium's Aavegotchi Lending Scheduler is a decentralized service that automates listing and claiming of Aavegotchi rentals.

Lending is a big part of Aavegotchi. Since its inception, thousands of people have accessed the Gotchiverse at a fraction of an Aavegotchis's price, thanks to lending.

However, managing a large-scale lending operation also comes with its challenge. Not only it's necessary to find borrowers, but lenders are also required to claim their earnings and re-list their NFTs in the marketplace. That might be doable for some lenders, but it demands a huge amount of time from NFT Owners with dozens or hundreds of Aavegotchis.

To solve that problem, Orium is introducing the Lending Scheduler. A smart-contract-based solution that automatically lists and claims your NFTs after the rent expires.

Good to know: The Lending Scheduler contract is verified at Polygonscan and does not deal with custody of NFTs. Meaning that your NFTs will never be at risk.

Getting Started

To get started, head over to the Platform and connect your Metamask. After that, you should see the following screen:

The next step is to Schedule a lending:


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