Create NFT Safe

The Orium Safe is a user-deployed smart contract that enables NFT Owners to delegate their assets to Guilds.

The Orium Safe is a user-deployed contract that empowers its owner with the ability to securely delegate assets to any Scholarship Program in the Orium Network Platform.

To start delegating assets, the NFT Owner must first create a Safe. The Orium Safe contract is completely owned by the user who deployed it, and only its owner can withdraw assets from it. Unlike other solutions available in the market, there is no commingling of funds. Only the owner's NFTs are stored in the Safe, and in a true self-custodian fashion, the user is responsible for delegating the assets to the Scholarship Programs they wish to participate in.

To create a Safe, go to the Scholarships -> Safe section on the website. There, click in the Create button and select the desired Platform.

After clicking the Create button again, confirm the transaction in your wallet to finish creating your Safe.

With the Safe created, you will see it on your Safes list, and the number of NFTs deposited there.

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